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2018-19 PDBM & PGPDMM Orientation Sports Activities

The sports orientation activities day was one of camaraderie, getting to know each other better and team building. 

The first activity was the “Blind Trust Game”. The objective of the game is to blindfold one member, who then relies on their fellow team members to guide them through a obstacle course with many winding twists and turns along the way. Whilst this is going on, the opposing teams have to try and outshout the guiding team, and try and direct the blindfolded member on the right path. 

The game taught the students about having total trust in each other as a team, and learning to persevere through all distractions and obstacles, often found in our journey through the competitive business world.

The afternoon was occupied with a Treasure Hunt, where the teams had to work out cryptic clues, in order to find out where the next clue was hidden. The game helped the new students to familiarise themselves with the surrounding geography and landmarks

A sports tournament was conducted, with the students competing in Table tennis, Carrom  and Chess. The matches, particularly in the table tennis, were fiercely contested with a male and female winner emerging in each of the sports categories.