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Why Is Work Experience A Good Idea Before An MBA

Why Is Work Experience A Good Idea Before An MBA

Students who are planning to pursue an MBA after graduation are faced with a predicament - should they jump into an MBA programme or should they wait for a year or two to gain sufficient work experience before pursing the programme. Here, we will see why work experience is a good idea before pursuing an MBA. (But a fresher with no work experience, planning an MBA programme need not be disheartened, read till the end and find out why.)

First, let’s see why work experience is a good idea before doing an MBA.

Better Clarity and Perspective

Usually, students who complete their graduation lack career clarity. For them, MBA is just another degree. Joining an MBA without a clear perspective will result in loss of money and time. MBA aspirants who face this dilemma should opt to join an organization and get good work experience. It helps them figure out their next career move. By observing the day to day operations of an organizations and participating in projects, aspirants get to know the requisites of a workplace. This experience can be utilized during an MBA programme which is focused on management theories. After gaining the essential work experience, aspirants will be able to understand whether it is an MBA programme that will take their career ahead or it is something else.

Better Prepared

An MBA programme is highly competitive right from the application process. Aspirants who enroll for a programme find it completely different from their undergrad programme. Work experience will help an aspirant deal with the competitiveness in an effective manner.

Earn and Save

Joining a workforce helps an aspirant earn and save money while they are pursuing their two-year postgraduate study. MBA programme from a good B-school is not cheap and aspirants who save money while working can meet their basic needs without having to rely on their parents. Saving and investing the income while working, will help aspirants better manage finances while pursuing an MBA degree.

An Edge during Placements

During campus placements, recruiters give preference to students with work experience, because of their first hand knowledge in business operations.

Stress Management

MBA programmes are stressful and those who have work experience are able to manage stress better than those who don’t. Work life teaches a person to manage time and handle stress so much so that an MBA curriculum won’t feet so stressful.

Network Professionally

The networking of undergrads is more about forming bonds of friendship, but networking in an MBA is more professional and a crucial part of MBA. A work experience helps a person understand the benefits of a professional network, how to forge a network and how to utilize it effectively.

Now, let’s see why fresher need not get disheartened.

Fresher with a resume that highlights community service, extra curricular activities and even hobbies will find it easier to crack the MBA admission process and manage the programme effectively. Recruiters and admission officers are usually on the lookout for candidates with demonstrable leadership qualities and risk taking abilities. A student’s interests, hobbies and undertaken projects can showcase the mentioned qualities.

In conclusion, work experience before MBA offers a student many benefits before, during and after an MBA programme. Fresher who are eager to pursue an MBA programme after graduation need to focus on activities that highlight their leadership skills, risk taking abilities and soft skills.

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