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Success Through Self-reliance

Self-reliance is not a fad word. In fact, it was in existence much before Ralph Waldo Emerson, the American philosopher, made it popular with his essay “Self-Reliance” in 1841. It has a profound impact on happiness through positive psychology. Self-reliance also leads to self-confidence and self-knowledge.

Success in business and professional lives is mainly attributed to networking and collaboration, but there is no feeling greater than achieving success through self-reliance. Success is usually attributed to a group and failure is taken up on self. But, patting one’s own back with self-reliant success is a different feel altogether.

Being self-reliant in a business has its own pitfalls. Self-reliance in business is only sustainable, if the brand or the business is unique or has its own USP, rather than trying to replicate the success of other businesses. A two-minute pitch to the customer should leave an indelible mark. Smart branding is the differentiator here.

Self-reliance does not mean not paying heed to advices. In other words, self-reliance should never turn into arrogance and uncooperativeness. Always listen to what smart people have to say and execute the feasible advices. But, never lose the USP as it is what will set a business apart.

One of the key ingredients for success through self-reliance is patience. The early days of business will be slow and toiling. This is the time to be patient and flexible. During the early days, when income is hard to come by, mistakes are made and businesses deviate from the core principles to compensate for the lack of income. Self-reliance in business means that one has to keep check on oneself, no one else will be there to do this part. Trust the research and the product/service and be patient at this stage. Patience helps take logical decisions.

In self-reliance it is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses. Self-reliance does not mean a hands-on approach. An individual cannot design a product, manufacture it, market it, sell, it and then manage the finances as well. Delegating and hiring the right people to run will not diminish the self-reliance tag.

A self-reliant business needs to invest in branding to stand out from bigger competitors. Hiring the right people to create a brand image, logo and design will be helpful in the long term. Devising a marketing strategy aligned with the brand should also be taken care at the beginning. Again, delegating and hiring the right people to run will not diminish the self-reliance tag.

Often times, it is misconstrued that self reliant businesses could be operated from anywhere. Having a dedicated office space will be helpful in staying on track of goals and completing work on time. But, do not limit your business to the one room. Get out and meet people. Self-reliance can at times lead to loneliness. It is therefore important to forge good relations with people in the business world. Connections through online platforms and attending business conferences is a good way to make contacts and develop a business relation. 

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