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News | Regenesys India Orientation Programme

Regenesys Orientation Programme

We hosted our second semester orientation programme for our students on Friday 3 August with much anticipation an encouragement from our directors, William Vivian, Regenesys Dean and founding member, Dr Penny Law together with our COO, Leoni Grobler, including Academic Head, Dr Abhinanda Gautam.

Founding member of Regenesys business School, Mr William Vivian reiterated that Regenesys vision and mission was to become the leading business school in the world, and that we plan to challenge the status quo in all spheres of higher business education.

At Regenesys we facilitate and introduce “purposeful education” and our mission is to awaken potential. We further emphasised that when students makes a decision to better their lives through education, they also directly impacting the lives of their loved ones and make a real contribution to the economy as a whole.

Academic Head, Dr Abhinanda Gautam made it clear to our students that their journey into the academic world was going to be an exciting journey and that whatever difficulties lie ahead that Regenesys academic team and support staff will be there to support them throughout their studies.

Our CEO, Leoni Grobler highlighted the fact that a large portion of our population is not able to get access to any form of higher education because of their circumstances, and that all students should appreciate the opportunity and chance they’ve been given to better their lives.

Dr Penny Law, Dean of Regenesys Business School told students that her job was “to prepare them for what to expect,” and also highlighted why education was so vitally important in this day and age. Regenesys is no ordinary business school. With our high-tech / high-touch approach we prepare our students on all levels to make sure they are relevant to the economy (worldwide).

We, at Regenesys, believe that higher education is key to success and in order to survive the 4th Industrial Revolution, our students need to make a meaningful contribution to the working world.

Futurists claim that 45% of  jobs won’t exist by the year 2030 and our students should use their skills and knowledge to become “relevant’ employees” in order to be sustainable and employable.

At Regenesys, we focus on all areas of our students development, including Spiritual, Physical, Emotional and Financial intelligence and this sets us apart from all other business schools.

We wish our students all the best with their studies.

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