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Questions Parents Might Have For The November 2020 Intake

Questions Parents Might Have For The November 2020 Intake

The year 2020 will forever be etched in our memories as the year the world stood still. The momentum achieved in the last decade came to an abrupt halt one fine night when lockdown was declared. And after 6 – 7 months of inertia, with relaxations in the lockdown and government directives on resuming education, lives and institutes are limping back to normalcy. But, how can a year ridden with incertitude let go of us so easily. For all the brickbats it has received, 2020 has presented a peculiar perplexity. This is perhaps the first time that students and kids are eager to study and continue with their education, but parents are reluctant to send off their wards to schools and colleges. The admission process for the International Leadership MBA programme for November 2020 has commenced at Regenesys Institute of Management and the career coaches are inundated with queries from concerned parents.

Why should we send our wards to colleges under the current circumstance? We will rather wait a year and consider the June 2021 batch.

This skepticism is because the fear is still afresh in our hearts. But, higher education, especially an MBA is a highly competitive field, and time is of utmost essence in shaping one’s career. The time period of almost 8 months between now and the next intake is a huge gap, which may affect the career growth of students. Furthermore, fear and monetary constraints have led many aspirants to postpone their MBA dream to next year. This will result in a heavy influx of applications for MBA next year, however the seats will be limited and competition will be high. So, this makes the November 2020 batch all the more enticing.

What steps are Regenesys taking to ensure the safety of our wards?

Regenesys is diligently following the directives issued by the competent authorities and has taken the following steps:

  • Limited the batch-size for the current year, with proper seating arrangement, to ensure social distancing norms.
  • Providing individual attention to each student to ensure their well-being
  • Ensuring a sterile environment with regular sanitization, thermal screening etc.
  • Providing relevant information and maps regarding health and emergency services for faster turn around, in case of any emergency.
  • Contact details to source healthy foods.


Note: Regenesys has always laid emphasis on the health quotient of our students. We have sessions on healthy eating and living, and conduct competitions wherein our students showcase their heathy culinary skills.

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We are concerned that our wards will not get a job after completing MBA because of the recession.


Economists have predicted a recession, but there is widespread debate on the extent and duration of this recession. Many of them have a positive outlook towards early recovery. It means that the timing will be ripe for those pursuing a full time MBA from November 2020, because by the time they graduate, the economy will be booming and racing ahead to make up the lost time. This is the perfect time for students to upskill and be prepared.


Your institute is located in Mumbai and the Covid-19 cases are the highest there. We are concerned about the safety in Mumbai.

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As of October 2020, the Covid-19 cases in Mumbai has reached its peak and is now on a steady decline. The lockdown has been lifted in several places, with normalcy returning to most parts of the city. Most companies have extended work from home for employees till next year and as per authorities, the ubiquitous Mumbai local trains will also not operate in its full capacity. Both these measures ensure that Mumbai, often censured for its congestion, will be the idyll it truly is for a major part till next year.

Let crisis nor fear paralyze our growth and progress in life.

Morning will come, it has no choice; but, how life will go on, is our choice.

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