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Mantras Thought Leaders Should Follow For A Healthy Lifestyle

To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep the mind strong and clear.

– Buddha

We have always lived by the mantra “health is wealth” and the current situation has only re-emphasized it. And while we are self-reflecting, health is a subject to touch up on. The one thing that everyone is certain about is the uncertain future. So, at this stage, focusing on health would be one less thing to worry about.

Thought leaders, with their hectic schedules, should be wary of burning out and hence should focus on their health - mental and physical. Without churning out clichés on health let’s focus on ways to improve it.

Understand limitations and stick to strengths. In this digital world there seems to be no limits. The targets keep on increasing exponentially. Take for instance the social media influencers or thought leaders. The quality content they provide attracts subscribers or followers, but where to draw the line. The first target would be 100 (subscribers or followers), then 1000, then a million and then 10 million; and then the sight would be set on achieving record follower base for that platform. Now, many thought leaders are aware of the ratio x:1, i.e., there can be x number of subscribers or followers but there will only be the one you. Hence thought leaders should know the limit and set realistic expectations. And when you act according to your limitations, it is essential that you understand the strengths and act according to it as well. Thought leaders must not have their foot in several wobbling boats, but place it firmly on one steady boat. There will be several temptations as targets become achievable, but focus on the most essential ones.

Do something constructively different. This needs no elaboration considering the fact that thought leaders do keep learning everyday. The past several months have shown that people are willing too learn new things when time is ample. Cook a new delicacy, read a book that you have been avoiding or even watch a web series; anything that would divert attention off daily hustle and bustle.

Catch some Z’s. While some of us need a complete 8-hour sleep, there are others who are satisfied with just 5-6 hours of Z’s. Sleep is an essential activity to recharge the body and mind. Get enough of it and develop a sleep routine.

Be around positive people. Friends and family with positive vibes makes a world of difference to one’s health and motivation. Thought leaders too need inspiration to deliver immaculate content, and a good group of people does just that.

Eat, drink and move. These are common traits of fitness. Eat healthy food, drink health drinks and keep yourself hydrated and take part in physical exercises. No elaboration needed here.

Learn to use the magic word No. Saying No is a healthy choice because it gives you time and opportunity to focus on things that matter the most, at a specific moment. Some leaders say yes to most things for the fear of losing out. But saying No is essential to create a balance.

Now these health tips are obvious, but important nonetheless. To come out with new ideas and ventures thought leaders must first focus on the most important commodity, health.

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