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Is A Dual Country MBA Good Or Bad?

Just like one cannot learn swimming by enrolling in an online class, one cannot excel in the globalized business world simply by learning about globalization from one location. Globalization has changed the business environment and corporates are adapting strategies in terms of technology, resources and most importantly, culture.

Studying abroad is the answer to gaining valuable insights into business operations on a global stage. The two-year International Leadership MBA programme offered at Regenesys provides this experience to students who get the opportunity to study their second year of MBA from South Africa. But, is pursuing an MBA from two countries such a good idea? Here we will learn about the good and the bad of studying from two countries.

Learning MBA from a country other than the domicile country has its own benefits.


Opportunity to learn new languages

Linguistically inclined international students will find the opportunity to visit a new country exciting because they get to learn new languages first-hand. The languages spoken in South Africa are Zulu, Afrikaans, Swati, Xhosa, and more. Learning a new language not only improves communication in a foreign country, but increases business intellect as well.


Opportunity to understand different cultures

International students have the opportunity to interact with people from different parts of the world and understand the role played by culture in business decision making. In a globalized world, business decisions are made taking cultural aspects into consideration. Every country is an amalgamation of different cultures and International MBA students can quickly adapt to the cultural norms before strategizing business plans.


More job opportunities

Just after completing the International MBA programme, students have the opportunity to work in companies located in either of the two countries or in companies that have operations in different countries. In fact, companies with a global presence prefer candidates who have multi-country, multi-culture experience.


Good remuneration

Monetary growth is a measure of success (for many people). MBA graduates usually command a hefty pay and MBA graduates with multi-country exposure can command a bigger pay. This will grow exponentially after acquiring substantial experience.

Now pursuing MBA from a foreign nation does have certain demerits that should be addressed at the outset to avoid any misunderstandings.


The cost factor

Higher education is expensive; MBA programmes are also expensive; higher education in MBA from two different countries is more expensive. The fee usually includes travel and accommodation, which pushes the price up. Students need to look at reputed institutes that offer scholarships to international students to mitigate overall expenses.


Living a new life

Learning a new language and understanding new cultures is exciting, but initially it can be overwhelming. Adjusting to life in a new country with different rules and regulations can get scary at first, but students need to understand that they are not the only ones who have to make certain sacrifices for a bright future.

Studying a single programme from two countries is an exciting prospect with a few, albeit minor, pitfalls. Sorting out these minor issues will result in a fulfilling and successful career.

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