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5 out of the box Green HRM ideas

Year 2070, one can imagine cars flying and hovering above and around tall scrapers, robots doing your daily chores out on the streets but you are inside your house and can’t go out because of the poisonous air which will immediately affect your tender lungs due to continuous inhalation of bad gases over the years because of the previous generation’s deed. In the midst of all this, the government has announced to supply clean and subsidized packaged oxygens to citizens which will bring relief to them on their pockets and body. Sounds Scary right? Matter of fact this is going to turn to reality if we don’t act accordingly starting from an individual level to a multibillion-dollar company to create an ecosystem of clean and green environment for us and for our future. 
As an individual you can easily change your lifestyle but to bring a change to a system is a monumental task so I have come with some simple and effective Five random ideas where a company can apply Green HRM in any mid-size organization to promote sustainable development.

  • Carpooling

Carpooling is one of the best and efficient way of travelling to office in many ways. Firstly, by adding more passengers, you spend less money on fuel and maintenance. Secondly, It helps reduce air pollution by bringing down the traffic chaos with lesser cars on the roads. The organization should encourage its employees to use carpooling, in this way you can have a chance to enjoy each others company after a long stressful day.

  • Subsidized Canteen

If an employee is getting cheaper, healthy and fresh food for lunch then what more could he ask for. Initiating a subsidized rate canteen and encouraging employees to eat lunch at the organization’s in-house canteen will help reduce use of cooking gases used by the individual families.

  • Green Club at the Organization

I know the office work is already stressful but starting a “Green Club” could create many innovative ideas and solutions to the problems. It will help the organization to Come up with various green initiatives over the years with the ideas generated from the club and apply it for a better use. Apart from benefiting the environment, it will also create an impact on the employees and the organization as a whole.

  • Natural Energy

Nowadays, people have become more sensitive towards what they eat and are health conscious so why can’t a company be energy conscious? Usage of solar energy, wind energy, etc will add value to the organization. Allowing natural light to enter rather than switching on the light during day time will preserve energy as well as cost. This will definitely portray the organization as a Green company.

  • Cloud Storage over Cupboard Storage

With innovation and technology on the rise, companies must start using cloud storage rather than storing documents in the file. This will reduce the dependent on paper and will also be easier to access the document from anywhere and anytime whenever required. 
Following any of the above method should mark a small step towards not arriving at the state of the fictional story that you came across earlier in this article. Every Organization should move towards applying “Green HRM” for a better and livable future.

Article written by Siddharth Joshi (Student of MC MBA 2018-2020 batch)

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