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25 Reasons To Do An International Leadership MBA From Regenesys

25 Reasons To Do An International Leadership MBA From Regenesys

Students who have made up their minds to pursue an MBA programme, to take their career to the next level(s), are faced with the constructive dilemma of choosing a specialization and the college. The International Leadership MBA programme offered at Regenesys Institute of Management has gained traction amongst students and professionals in the last few years.

But what are the reasons to do an International Leadership MBA from Regenesys?

  • An institute par excellence

A provider of world-class business education and enabler of innovative thinking, Regenesys with campuses in South Africa, India and Nigeria has been instrumental in making valuable contributions to individuals, societies and industry professionals. During its two-decades long presence, Regenesys has trained over 200,000 students, assisting them transform, through a unique educational model.


  • A programme with global ramifications

The International Leadership programme is designed to cater to the need of businesses with a global presence, which in today’s world, is almost every other business. Businesses with multi-country operations need skilled managers aware of cultural norms and legalities of different nations.


  • Up-to-date curriculum

The curriculum curation at Regenesys is aligned with industry requirements. For example, Regenesys focuses extensively on data skills, which is the need of the hour for every business today.


  • Experiential Learning

MBA programmes should have the right blend of theory and practice. Regenesys has successfully inculcated experiential learning methodology through its effective pedagogy.


  • Learn from two countries

Students of an International Leadership MBA programme study their first year at the Regenesys campus in India and the second year from South Africa.


  • State of the art campus

A campus should be conducive for higher learning. The campuses of Regenesys are state of the art, facilitating an ambience of learning.


  • Excellent Faculty

Students get to learn from the faculties with impeccable educational credentials who nourishes and guides them to pursue a challenging and fulfilling career.


  • Visiting industry experts

Visiting faculties with impeccable experience foster an environment of progressive learning by effortlessly fusing theory with real world business problems and solutions.


  • Understanding cultural importance in business

Studying from two countries provides the opportunity for students to understand the role of culture in business decision making.


  • Connect with brilliant peers

A typical batch of students for an International Leadership MBA comprises of those with diverse academic backgrounds and experience. For example, an data scientist with 4-years experience will get a chance to study with an army officer with 10-years of experience, both accomplished in their own fields.


  • Connect with diverse peers

The batch comprises of students from different parts of India, South Africa and Nigeria, thus making up for a diverse backgrounds.


  • Attractive scholarships

MBAs programmes are costly affairs, hence Regenesys has attractive scholarship options available for students.


  • Good corporate growth

Armed with an MBA degree from a reputed institute, such as Regenesys, students can climb the corporate ladder with ease.


  • Lucrative remuneration

The pay of MBAs are high, and with its underlying growth potential this pay will only get higher. This means that the Return on Investment of an MBA programme will be high.


  • Eligibility for different profiles

An International Leadership MBA holder will not be limited to a certain profile or industry. This provides versatility to the candidate.


  • An alumni network

Become a part of an eminent and ever-increasing alumni network that can be tapped for professional development.


  • Choose your location of work

The degree from Regenesys is recognized and accepted in over 190 countries. This enables the degree holder to either work in the top cities of the world or in any preferable location.


  • Learn a new language

Working or studying in a country different from one’s own presents an opportunity to learn a new language.


  • Take the entrepreneurial plunge

An MBA imparts the necessary skillsets to venture into entrepreneurship. An International MBA graduate can expand entrepreneurial dreams across countries.


  • Fruitful Collaborations

Students studying for an MBA in any specialization and in any institute have the opportunity to collaborate with likeminded peers, alumni or faculties and work on projects with the potential of growing it into a sustainable business.


  • Regenesys Backing

Entrepreneurs can expect plenty of support, guidance and backing by their alma mater. The immense network of peers, seniors and faculty also prove handy during job searches.


  • Learn soft skills

Soft skills (public speaking, team work, communication etc.) are needed to excel in the business world and Regenesys focuses a lot on soft skill training.


  • Learn data skills

Managers who do not posses data skills are not good managers. The curriculum at Regenesys focusses a lot on data training with courses on data science, machine learning, advanced excel and more.


  • Learn stress management

A leader’s life is stressful. Learn how to effectively manage stress and attain work life balance.


  • Be a leader

Learn and master the basic leadership techniques and become a future leader.

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