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100 000 business students needed

South Africa needs 100 000 matriculants to commence business studies at university next year if it is to sustain its growth rate. Regenesys Business School is deeply concerned about the state of higher education and fears that the annual quota for South African graduates with the relevant business skills may not be met with the current challenges faced by public universities.

“We are already seeing an upsurge in 2017 applications, as parents are advising us that they are concerned about sending their children to public universities next year”, says Siegie Brownlee, CEO of Regenesys Business School. “We have seen a 92% increase in our year-on-year enrolments and we expect this amount to triple over the next few months”, says Brownlee. She adds that the school has already started looking at ways to optimise the delivery of programmes to ensure that they can cope with the required numbers. “We are ready for matriculants looking for a quality, secure, internationally recognised alternative”, says Brownlee.

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