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Dr.Marko Saravanja | Chairman | Regenesys Institute of Management

Dr.Marko Saravanja


Dr.Marko Saravanja is an entrepreneur and academic who was previously a monk and a development worker. He obtained his PhD in Performance Management and was a finalist in Ernst and Young’s World Entrepreneurship Awards in 2009. He has served on the Advisory Board of First National Bank in South Africa. Marko has delivered inspirational talks internationally for large corporates and governments. His programmes have inspired, changed lives and energised thousands of people from across the world. Marko has written a widely acclaimed book called ‘Secrets of Success’. Croatia-born, Marko has lived a life of extremes; taken roads less travelled; continuously pushed his boundaries of comfort; taken risks and explored the unknown. As a yoga and meditation monk, he lived an ascetic life for seven years, helping poverty-stricken communities to access education, health and employment opportunities. Marko has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro; scuba dived; parachuted; flown helicopters; and travelled to 60 countries by the age of 48. He is a successful investor and stock market trader. He started Regenesys Free Business Education, the online education initiative at Regenesys Business School in November 2012, and thousands of people from over 190 countries have already benefited from this initiative. Marko successfully launched Regenesys in India and Nigeria; established the Regenesys Foundation; and started an investment company that provides investment and stock market trading opportunities to 100000 Regenesys students and alumni, to pursue their financial freedom. Marko’s purpose in life is to help people awaken their potential and achieve their dreams.